Pastor John Neal, started the Shining Light Apostolic Church in 1994.  It was founded on the foundation that God wanted him to preach His word, and to be a shining light in a darken worldMuch like a light house gives forth a Bright light to those at sea on a Dark and stormy night, to safely guide them to shore and to keep them from Danger of crashing on the rocks. The Shining Light Apostolic Ministry is here to guide those lost and wondering souls safely to the waiting arms of Jesus and the word of God, and keep them from the Dangers of this Sinful World. Pastor John Neal was born to John & Mary Neal on 11/11/1933 he grew-up and went to school in Richmond Kentucky. Worked for many years at the VA Hospital in Lexington Kentucky and later for Shriners Hospital for Children in Lexington. In 1978 God touched him while he was at work at the VA, and being a man that never went to any church he did not know what to do. He worked with a man who did go to church and knew what was going on with his fellow worker. John Neal went with him to church and God moved on him even more, and he was Baptized "In the Name of Jesus" in 1979 at the Soul Deliverance Tabernacle on Pine St, In Lexington Kentucky. He received the "Holy Ghost" a few Months later while Praying at Home.

He was set aside as a Deacon in the Church, until God Called him to Preach his word and Be a "Pastor" under the Pastoral of Elder Lucian Booker., (Later Bishop Booker). He was first Licensed to Preach in the (PAW) Pentecostal Assembles of The World in 1986. Later he was Ordained while at the True God Apostolic Church in Lexington Kentucky in 1990 under the Pastoral of B Sparks. He started working in his calling as a Pastor in 1994 when he first opened the doors of the "Shining Light Apostolic Ministry".